Friday, February 1, 2008

Fedora download links

This is for my students... So many pupils are asked me "how to download fedora". For a normal pc your architecture is i386. A lot of people are using these personal computers. So.. im giving that download links below. If you want to download it... you need to follow some instructions. What they are

1. You should download this in NTFS file system drives. Because your Fat doesn't support large files more that 1 GB. But NTFS supports that, so.....

2. This is a very large file. Nearly 3.2 GB. So. you need to download this file with some download managers support. So.. choose the best download manager. In my view the best download manager is Flashget.

3. It is a very large file. It will take 2 to 10 days depending on your internet speed. so.. be patience..

The download links are...

Download in that any one link. Right click on that link, choose copy link location after that paste in download manger. That's it. One of the good linux os you will get free of cost. feel linuxxxxxxxxx.

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