Wednesday, February 6, 2008

VLC Media Player for Fedora and Redhat

Hi... I'm coming back with vlc media player... This player plays so many video formats on Linux. Then why are you waiting. Download the below link.

I downloaded all the .rpm files and i zipped that. You need to unzip that. The command for unzip that... tar -xvjf Vlcmediaplayer.tar.bz2 . Check it out, after extract that file, you will find some .rpm files under Vlcmediaplayer directory. Install that .rpm files. If any dependencies are missing check for that your local cd's. If you can't find go to internet. otherwise send me a mail which are you need. If it installed successfully, press Alt+F2. This is a shortcut for run command. Then type vlc in that run window. Thats it. You will find a Vlc Media Player window. Feel Linuxxxxxxxxxxxx.

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